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mare_insularum's Journal

A Sea of Islands

I very much enjoy walking outside and taking yoga classes at my university. Visiting parks and gardens are favourite pastimes. Reading science fiction and high fantasy books are also a wonderful hobby.

At school, I am taking an advanced major in history, working toward my honours thesis on hell knows what. After that, who knows? An application to another university, get another job, or bum around taking jobs where I can until I find something pleasurable.

I consider myself an almost imaginitive individual, with varying and colourful interests, and I have my own ideas of how society should behave in public, and how people should treat one another. I understand the need to be near other humans, but I can't fathom the requirement of physical closeness.

I'm moving to Italy in the near future, and this is an exciting prospect for me. Who wouldn't love to live in a place where history comes alive?

This journal is friends only, you must add me to read what little I post here. And be warned, none of it is actually interesting.